Tell the Truth in Love

As children of God, our opinions and convictions should be aligned with God’s Word in its entirety. There may be times when the truth of the Word feels difficult to absorb, but when we receive it with teachable hearts, its wisdom always leads to life and favor. Just the same, when it comes to our relationships, we are called to consistently speak the truth in love.

The truth is always what is in agreement with God’s Word. Jesus said it should be the standard to which we hold our conversations to. Now, when our words of truth are delivered with an attitude of sincere love, we speak to others the same way the Lord speaks to us. Kind words full of wisdom, even correction, doused in love.

Never shy away from telling the truth, as long as it’s seasoned with kindness and from a heart of love. Warren W Wiersbe put it this way: “Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.”  Let’s speak to each other the same way the Lord speaks to us: Tell the truth, seasoned with kindness, and always in sincere love.