Tenacious Faith

The Bible gives account of a Phoenician woman whose daughter was possessed by a demon. Even though she wasn’t a Jew, she believed that Jesus was the promised Messiah, and had the power to deliver her child. In spite of knowing Jewish law said the Messiah was only sent for those of the house of Israel, she simply wouldn’t take “No!” for an answer.

One can say that it was her tenacious, persistent faith that brought about the miracle she so desperately desired that day. She didn’t give up; because she knew who Jesus was, she had no doubt He was the answer to her miracle. If only we could become more tenacious in our faith, understanding what we are promised as children of God, and heirs to His promises.

Today, choose to become unwavering in your faith and trust in your covenant with Jesus and His power and faithfulness to keep His Word concerning you. You will see the seemingly impossible, become possible – in Jesus Name!