The Greater One in Us

We read in Acts 2 about what takes place in the Upper Room, the Holy Spirit fell on all those who were present, and they were filled! After this, we read accounts of the believers, especially Peter, stepping out in great boldness, preaching the Word of the Lord and performing many signs, miracles and wonders, by the power of God. The religious leaders commanded them, with force, to stop using and operating in the Name of Jesus – who they had crucified. But there was no stopping the flow of power and Peter and John being filled with the Spirit of God, continued doing the works of Jesus, with great boldness. The Bible says those religious leaders recognised that the power operating in these men was not their own.  It was obvious, even to them, that these men had been with Jesus – they carried His same nature and worked by the same power He did when He walked among them. God’s Spirit lives on the inside of us too.  We have direct access to know Him and His ways in a most intimate way. Paul says we can open our hearts to be so full of His love that we become bodies wholly filled and flooded with God Himself (Ephesians 3:19). There is no doubt that people will recognise, just as the religious leaders did, that we carry something very different. That something is someone – the very Presence of Jesus!  We can operate in the same boldness and power Peter and John carried, as we draw near to the Greater One who lives in us and allow His life and power to flow from us!