The Passion Translation for this verse says, “We have been co-resurrected with Him so that we could be empowered to walk in the freshness of new life.” The moment we become born-again, we are empowered to habitually live and behave in the new life we have in Christ Jesus!

In spite of our past, Jesus made all things new and has made available everything we need to live a life of victory. We have His Word, His Name, and His Precious, indwelling Holy Spirit. There’s a spiritual law that’s at work within us; The Law of Life in Christ Jesus. This law ensures a continuous supply of supernatural life flowing into our spirits, by the Spirit of God.

When we get a revelation of this truth, faith rises in us to increase the power of that flow, and have it saturate our lives with God’s resurrection power. This is how we are able to habitually live and behave as Christ. Welcome an ever-deepening relationship with the Holy Spirit today, to experience His empowering peace and strengthening joy; as He leads you to live like Jesus.