The Valley of Decision

In Deuteronomy 27, as the Israelites moved into the promised land, after crossing the river Jordan; they were to practically demonstrate their loyalty to the covenant God had made with them. There were 2 mountains of identical height and structure that stood opposite each other, forming a valley in-between.

On top of the one mountain called Gerizim, 6 tribes were represented to pronounce the blessing of the Lord that would come on His people when they followed the covenant obligations. On the other mountain, called Ebal, the other 6 tribes were represented to declare the curses that would befall the people should they disobey God’s law. The rest of the nation along with Moses and the Levitical priests stood in the valley between the two mountains where they responded in agreement to each blessing and curse. In doing this they demonstrated their understanding the conditions of the covenant and the consequences of both keeping and violating it.

Today, even under the New Covenant, we daily stand in the valley of decision.  Yielding to the voice of the Holy Spirit within us and walking in His ways is a choice that will result in the covering of God’s absolute blessing, favour and grace over our lives. Refusing to do so will result in us walking right out from under that blessing and exposing ourselves to the curse that rests on a fallen world.  Either way, we get to daily make the choice.  Enjoy God’s blessing and favour today as you choose to trust in, and yield to His Holy Spirit!