Triumph is Your Heritage

This world can be full of unforeseen circumstances that try to knock the life out of you. However, as children of God, no matter the setback, we will always be able to rise above, overcome, and see everything concerning us turned around for God’s glory.

Isaiah 54:17 says triumphing over opposition is the heritage of the saints! No matter how many times life gets you down, you just get right back up again. That’s because the same power that raised Christ from the dead, lives on the inside of you. While you keep yourself rooted in God’s Word and filled with the fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit, your faith will keep you steadfast and immoveable.

Don’t wait until you see results before you declare victory, the Word says it’s already yours. Keep a good attitude while the Word goes to work, and you’ll move forward triumphantly – into all God has already purposed for you.