Words that Attract the Right Attention

There is much to be said about the power of words – words that are encouraging and uplifting to the hearer; words that speak of the goodness of the Lord and build faith!  It’s these kind of words, rooted in faith, that please God. That’s because words inspired by faith, speak His language – they give Him something to respond to, something concrete to work with. We know God always honours His Word, and watches over it to perform it!  The reverse is also true – speaking negative words, whether out of fear or anger, even in jest, gives our enemy, the devil, free reign over whatever we are speaking negatively about. Which is precisely why we must speak words aligned with faith, not just in our prayers, but in our daily conversations too, because they will always go to work and produce good! Understanding that God uses words for building what is of Him in every situation, keeps us intentional regarding what we say.  Let’s take special care to draw the correct attention with our words today! As we do, we will be counted among those who fear the LORD with words that are noteworthy in Heaven as we produce life and peace everywhere we go.