You are an Heir!

Did you know you are no longer a slave to sin? There is no bondage or sin that has power over you – not if you are in Christ Jesus! The Bible tells us we have become sons of God and because we are His children, we are His heirs. Think about this for a moment. According to the infallible Word of God, this is your reality! No matter how you feel, don’t for one moment believe that you’ve been forgotten, abandoned or put aside. You are unique, significant, loved, cherished, valued and positioned – by God – to be in Him and of Him!

This is your identity. If you are feeling overwhelmed by sin you just can’t seem to get victory over, it’s time to change your perspective. Stop making the sin bigger than who the Word of God says you are. You belong to God. You have been washed by the blood of Jesus, and you are free. You are a new creation in Christ Jesus, and His Spirit lives in you with limitless power.

The more you dwell on the truth of His Word, the supernatural life and peace that flows from God’s Spirit in you will begin to dominate your flesh, and you will walk in victory. This is your rightful portion as a child of God! Just as healing, favour, and blessing are part of your spiritual inheritance too. Become aware of what the Word of God calls your reality, and you will never be held back by the bondage of sin again.