You Are Free!

After Paul and Silas were imprisoned for demonstrating the miracle-working power of Christ, they were whipped, and then thrown into a deep, dark dungeon. While you’d expect those who had been punished and imprisoned for no just cause to be distraught and even angered because of the injustice done; these two men chose to lift their voices in praise and thanksgiving to God instead! Why would they do this?

They knew that their bodies were the temple of the Holy Spirit. They knew that within them dwelt the Spirit of God Himself – a precious gift! They knew they were not their own, but they belonged to God.  He was their source of hope, joy, peace, and righteousness. They weren’t afraid, or alone! By lifting their voices in praise and thankfulness, they were drawing from the well of life that was inside of them! The Presence of God rose within them and became more dominant than their miserable surroundings to the point where the very foundations of the prison shook violently, their shackles unfastened, and the doors swung open for them to walk right out!

Today, recognize the well of life that is within you in the form of the Person of the Holy Spirit!  No matter how the devil has made you feel bound up or imprisoned in misery – you belong to God!  He has made you free! Let your grateful praise shout louder than the hopelessness you feel – and drink deeply from the Presence of God that already dwells within you! His Presence will rise powerfully and shake off every restraint and make a way for you to walk right out of defeat into overwhelming victory – today!